Fueki 好朋友高效保濕霜 (藥用認證) 期間限定特大版 600g (日本製) ★限定特大600g! 是一般版的12倍!!! ♪ ★通過日本厚生省的藥用認證, 有效舒緩和預防濕疹、凍傷、紅斑、粉刺等敏感不適症狀 ♪ ★採用馬油、乳木果油、甘油、植物角鯊烯、天然維生素E、蘆薈葉萃取液、水解澱粉、精製水等高效保濕護膚成份配合 ♪ ★補充平衡肌膚失去的水分及油分, 長效保持肌膚水嫩緊緻 ♪ ★高滲透性, Product #: fueki-Fueki 好朋友高效保濕霜 (藥用認證) 期間限定特大版 600g (日本製) 2024-01-30 Regular price: $HKD$350.0 Available from: Fueki香港官方網絡旗艦店In stock LOVE that it's available in 600gm! That way I don't ever have to run out of it. Thanks so much for the free gifts, you totally made my day with those personal notes as well. I had encountered some delivery issues but was quickly resolved by the friendly and helpful staff at Fueki. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Can't wait to see more new items being uploaded. 5 1 5 5 5 5 1 5.0